6.50s Lindworm of Klagenfurt/Carinthia 1997

6.50s Lindworm of Klagenfurt/Carinthia 1997
Added by Alain Martineau , with updated images by Maciej Pasztor
General Description : The standard issue stamp "Lindworm of Klagenfurt" of the series "Tales and Legends of Austria" deals with a legend from the provincial capital of Carinthia. The city's emblem dates back to this legend. The legend is one of the many dragon-slayer legends of European culture. In remembrance of a heroic victory which ended a terrible threat to the inhabitants of the region, the defeated Lindworm and the protective tower in which the fighters barricaded themselves were incorporated into the city's coat of arms. The gigantic sculpture of his body carved of slate stands resplendent on the New Square in the center of the Carinthian capital. The head of the Lindworm was modeled after a rhinoceros skull of hide which was discovered in 1353 in the so-called Lindworm Hollow in Zollfeld north of Klagenfurt. Today the head is located in Carinthia's Provincial Museum.
Face value 6.50 Shilling
Catalog code (Michel) 2226
Catalog code (Scott) 1731
Catalog code AFA 2118
Series Tales and Legends
Issue date 07/11/1997
Designer A. Tuma Grav: W. Pfeiler
Print technique Photo & Engrave
Perforation 13¾ x 14 (comb)
Height 33.00 mm
Width 28.00 mm
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