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I like stainless flatware. Important thing you will want to look for in a set of stainless flatware is whether or not there is a guarantee, just in case you might need to return or exchange your flatware. On a lesser extent but also very important is how the stainless flatware will match with your other kitchen utensils. Because stainless flatware comes in many varieties of designs and styles, you will have many options to choose from so that you can pick pieces that will fit in with the rest of your kitchen attire. Stainless flatware tips 1. Make sure that you properly care for your flatware to avoid damage and corrosion. Keep the stainless steel flatware stored away from extreme temperatures and wash immediately after use with a mild soap, warm water. Be sure to dry your stainless flatware with a soft cloth after washing to prevent rust. 2. Avoid flatware that has a wooden handle attached to it. Wooden handles on a piece of stainless flatware tend to fall off, rot from water damage and get food stuck in the crack of where the handle meets the metal. All around, it is a bad combination. 3. If you shop around, you can find a good deal in cost for a set of stainless flatware. Flatware is sold online and in local home stores and costs can vary. If you look around at several places before you buy, you are likely to find a good deal. Additionally, if you do not mind mixing and matching you can sometimes find single pieces of flatware at lesser costs.

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