Name : Den Coelho
Country : United States
Collects : Banknotes, Coins, Community Currencies, Postal Orders, Bullion, Tokens, Medals, Postcards, Phonecards, Stamps, Pins, FDCs
Member since : Sep 2018
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About me

Coelho is an American Master Artist -Mint Error/ Varieties Forensics Numismatics Expert. A child Prodigy that discovered at the age of ten that there are World numismatics products that’s true provenance is other than it!s current strike. Coelho founded Coelho Numismatics Forensics where Forensics Science and Due Dilligence, determines fact. A new company accepting clients that wish to determine the true provenance of their coins’ planchettes as well as any hidden value potentials. Coelho is working on the manuscript entitled “A Thousand Face of A Coin” . Consulting with Collectirs and Experts to determine true value utilizing the U. S. P. A. P. Principles of appraisal. We guarantee and insure all transactions. If you purchase a Numismatics product from Coelho Numismatics, each comes with a Forensics Summary. We are not a grading company and will give an overall description as well as summary findings. Grading is subjective and inaccurate an average of 6 out of 10 times. To an appraiser it makes no sense ethically to not consider an item in and of it’s totality. Coins are the only items that have huge risk potential but is acceptable to subjectively value, is suspicious and Coelho Forensics refuses to appraise anything unless appraisal protocols are adhered to and this is the reason they work because they are time tested and proven to be effective.

About what I collect

I collect and identify, errors, omissions and varieties of world Numismatics products.We utilize Standards if appraisal as set forth by U. S. P. A. P. As promulgated by U. S. Congress. We write insurance reports, investigative reports and determine authentic from counterfeit coins. If you have an interest please contact us at

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