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You are here:    > > > > 50 Pesos 2006 (22. XI.) - Series G

50 Pesos 2006 (22. XI.) - Series G

50 Pesos 2006 (22. XI.) - Series G 50 Pesos 2006 (22. XI.) - Series G
General Description :

This polymer note is lilac in coulour with a anti-counterfeit window in the bottom right corner on the obverse side. This note is series G. The new series was issued because the authorized signatory for the Governing Board had changed.

Obv. Description :

Jose Maria Morelos is featured just right of center.

Rev. Description :

The back depicts a scene of the Morelia Aquaduct and butterflied are featured on both sides of this note.

Printed by
Mexic - Bank of Mexico ( Banco de México)

Catalog code

127.00 mm

65.00 mm


Catalog prices
UNC $7.50  
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