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Allnumis is a collaborative catalog for coins, banknotes, community currencies, postal orders, bullion, tokens, medals, postcards, phone cards, stamps and pins.
We provide free of charge tools so you can manage your personal collection, trade/swap list and wish list.

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joelwaugh33 wrote 1 week ago : "I can't find the 10 Franc 1976, copper nickle displayed on your list. can you..." Read more ... dragosvr92 wrote 2 months ago : ""Tirajul programat pentru anul 1954 a fost de 33.400.000 de piese, dar el nu..." Read more ... BCNumismatics wrote 3 months ago : "This is actually a pre-1965 issue under the 'People's Republic' prior..." Read more ... nekhbet wrote 3 months ago : "Hmm .. I saw a lot of these that are genuine but looks exactly like this after cleaning." Read more ... BCNumismatics wrote 3 months ago : "Looks like a brass or copper forgery that has been cast,as opposed to being struck." Read more ... lipovanuiulian wrote 3 months ago : "Eroarea este una foarte frumoasa. Dar nu inteleg de ce ati eliminat watermarkul..." Read more ...

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