50 Pouls - Uprooted Oak Emblem

50 Pouls - Uprooted Oak Emblem
Added by Steve
General Description : Two imperf. souvenir sheets exist. Both contain a 50p and a 165p, type A166, with marginal inscriptions and WRY emblem in maroon.
On one sheet the stamps are in the colours of Nos. 470-471 (size 108x81mm). On the other,the 50p is blue and the 165p is deep orange(size 107x80mm). Value $6.50 each.
Face value 50 Pouls
Catalog code (Scott) 470
Series World Refugee Year 01/07/1959- 30/06/1960
Place in series 1
Stamp colour Deep Orange
Watermark None
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Issue date 07/04/1960
Perforation 11x11
Catalog prices Used stamp $0.25   Unused stamp $0.25