500 Cruzeiros ND (1981)

500 Cruzeiros ND (1981) 500 Cruzeiros ND (1981)
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General Description Blue and brown on multicolor underprint. Double portrait of D. da Fonseca at center. The first 4 digits of the serial number represent the series number.
Back: Pink, brown and purple. Double view of a group of legislators.
Watermark: D. da Fonseca.
Signatures: Ernane GalvĂȘas / Carlos P. Langoni. Series #1-3510.
Catalog code P#200a
Height 73.00 mm
Width 153.00 mm
Material Paper
Printed by Brazil - Casa de Moeda (CdM)
Catalog prices VG $0.05   VF $0.20   UNC $1.00