5,000 Pesos 2009 (28. VIII.)

5,000 Pesos 2009 (28. VIII.) 5,000 Pesos 2009 (28. VIII.)
Added by Cosmin Păltinescu
General Description Deep violet and red-violet on multicolor underprint. José Asunción Silva and bug at upper right, trees at left and center, bank seal at center.
Back: Woman, trees and monument at center.
Watermark: José Asunción Silva.
UV: security strip fluoresces blue. Value, logo, and design elements at left and right yellow.
Braille 5 added at left near frog.
Catalog code P#452k
Material Paper
Printed by Colombia - Imprenta de Billetes - Banco de la Republica
Catalog prices UNC $5.00  



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