10 Denari (Денари) 2011 (XII.)

10 Denari (Денари) 2011 (XII.) 10 Denari (Денари) 2011 (XII.)
Added by Alexandru Dan
Front Description Torso of the Egyptian Goddess Isida, 42 cm high, created from alabaster of on amber color, by very famous sculptors. Imported to Ohrid, once known as Lihnidos, the Goddess Isida, mother of the entire nature, rules from the underworld. Comforter of sufferers, it calms storms.
Ear-ring discovered in Berantsi, Bitola, in a grave dating from the IV century B.C. In the form of a creascent, made of gold filigree. The Winged Sphinx is on the upper part.
Back Description A peacock, a detail from the floor mosaic from the baptisteries of the Episcopal Basilica in the ancient city of Stobi from the V-VI cetury A.D. The peacock, a bird of paradise, drinking water from the source of life (cantaros) symbolizes the believers craving for the Christian religion, mental peace and tranquillity.
Catalog code P#14i
Height 70.00 mm
Width 140.00 mm
Material Paper
Catalog prices UNC $1.00  



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