10,000 Intis 1988 (28. VI.)

10,000 Intis 1988 (28. VI.) 10,000 Intis 1988 (28. VI.)
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General Description Aqua, blue and orange on light green and multicolor underprint. Cesar Vallejo at right, arms at center. Black and red increasing size serial # (anti-counterfeiting device).
Back: Santiago de Chuco street scene.
Watermark: Cesar Vallejo.
UV: fibers fluoresce blue and green; value yellow; security strip multicolor; some notes have vertical serial # red and signatures green.
Catalog code P#140
Height 75.00 mm
Width 150.00 mm
Material Bradvek
Printed by Italy - Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato / Officina Carte-Valori, Rome
Catalog prices VF $0.20   UNC $1.00