1 Silver Dollar 1891

1 Silver Dollar 1891 1 Silver Dollar 1891
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General Description This is the only Paper Bill ever produced by the USA with a portrait of a woman on its obverse. This image is the only image on the bill. A Silver certificate was paper money which "certifies" to the public that an actual physical silver dollar had been "deposited" in the Treasury of the U.S., and that the silver dollar (or dollars) was payable to the bearer on demand. Although on its face value, this bill is still worth $1 if presented to any Federal Reserve Bank in the USA (see article for further information)it's Numismatic value is far greater. The signatories on the note (which actually add to its value) are: "J. F___ Tillman, Register of the Treasury and D. W. Morgan, Treasurer of the United States. It's serial number is E16883693E. This bill was purchased as part of a lot in 2013 from a local coin dealer totaling $1,050. This bill had a price attached, due to its condition, of $425. Using the 20th edition of "Paper Money by Friedberg, (citation needed) it's number is "223" and its value in VF is $475. A similar note sold on ebay (needs info here) for $444.99 on August 8, 2013.
Front Description Portrait of Martha Washington in left corner of the bill. Mrs Washington was the very first "first lady" of the United States of America. The portrait from which the engraving was made, is located in one of the many fine museums located (near my home city) of Boston, Massachusetts. (Please see article regarding this type of currency coming soon.)
Back Description See Image. There are two types of this bill and you can tell the difference from the design of the back (See article for more detail.) Similar to the front of the bill, one can see the strands of blue and red silk which is imbedded in all paper used for U.S. Currency, except for the "new" $100 bill which is made from a polymer. This paper is manufactured by the same company--Crane Paper Company-- which provided paper to Paul Revere--(the famous American Revolutionary War Hero) located to this day in Dalton, Massachusetts, in the Western part of the state. (See article for more detail.)
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Material Paper
Catalog prices VG $375.00   VF $775.00   UNC $2200.00  



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