1 Dollar 1896 - Educational Silver Certificate

1 Dollar 1896 - Educational Silver Certificate 1 Dollar 1896 - Educational Silver Certificate
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General Description The sub category under US does not exist. The sub category should read 1896 Issue--$1 Silver Certificate or a separate category for “Educational Notes”. This bill was authorized by an Act of Congress on August 1, 1886. It is a part of the “Educational Series” of 4 notes which were designed, with only 3 ever being circulated as legal tender. The 4th bill is sometimes considered a myth of Numismatics because of its rarity and and other factors. This note is one of many older notes which were printed on behalf of the United States Government by a private company such as the American Bank Note Company (check reference) or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, a division of the Department of the Treasury. It is also one of many of the United States’ currency which/whose figures and symbols were taken from the sculpture and other artwork of the either buildings of the U.S. Senate or its House of Representatives. See Article regarding U.S. Silver Certificates to follow.

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Front Description The name for this bill, which is engraved on its front, is “History Instructing Youth”. Although she is called History, she has all the classic allegorical features of Liberty. You will notice that before teaching the then youth of our nation about the history of the ongoing development of our national capital and other matters, Liberty, put down her caduceus (a symbol of war) and deliberately placed it away from herself and the youth so the notion of war would not interfere with or taint the youth’s perception of his lessons. The bill states, like others, that there has been deposited in the Treasury of the United States, One Silver Dollar, Payable to the Bearer on Demand possibly in Washington, DC. I believe that this bill may have been issued before the Federal Reserve banking system, but this fact needs to be verified. See Article regarding U.S. Silver Certificates to follow.

History a/k/a Liberty is showing Youth how the new capital of the USA is rising from the farm (?) land of the District of Columbia (DC); how George Washington’s Monument has been constructed to be a beacon over all the capital, surveying the growth and operation of the new center of our country (?) and finally to show the young lad the text (visible with a fine magnifying glass) of our countries Constitution of the USA. Also, the serial number of my bill is an inverted <- 33724837->.

One of the most important features of this Educational Note (see article to follow) are 23 people’s names who are “historical magnates or thinkers” of our country. An example of one of these people is Robert Fuller.
Back Description The reverse of this note shows Martha and George Washington. In both upper corners is a stylized cherub (?) with the number one engraved on it. The text states that “This certificate is Receivable for Customs, Taxes, and all Public Debt, and when so received may be reissued. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is responsible for the design and printing of this note.
Material Paper
Printed by United States Bureau of Engraving & Printing (BEP)
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