Coins catalog - Mohammed Zaher Shah (1933-1973), Afghanistan

Mohammed Zaher Shah (1933-1973)

Mohammed Zahir Shah (15 October 1914 – 23 July 2007) was the last King (Shah) of Afghanistan, reigning for four decades, from 1933 until he was ousted by a coup in 1973. Following his return from exile he was given the title 'Father of the Nation' in 2002 which he held until his death.
He was the son of Mohammed Nadir Shah, a senior member of the Barakzai royal family and commander in chief of the Afghan army under former king Amanullah Khan. Nadir Shah assumed the throne after the execution of Habibullah Ghazi on 10 October 1929.
Zahir Shah was educated in a special class for princes at Habibia High School in Kabul.
Reign: 8 November 1933 – 17 July 1973

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