Coins catalog - Venetian colony (1420-1797), Dalmatia and Albania

The "Albania Veneta" were Venetian possessions that stretched from the southern borders of the Republic of Ragusa to Durrës in coastal Albania. The Venetian territories usually reached only 20 km from the Adriatic Sea. After 1573 the southern limit was moved to the village of Kufin near Budva, because of the Ottoman conquests of Bar, Ulcinj, Shkodër, and Durrës. The Venetian territory was then centered around the area of the Bay of Kotor (then called "Bocche di Cattaro"), and included the towns of Cattaro, Risano, Perasto, Teodo, Castelnuovo, Budua, and Spizza.
The Venetian territories around Cattaro lasted from 1420 to 1797 and were called Venetian Albania, a province of the Venetian Republic

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