Coins catalog - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (161-180), Roman Empire

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (161-180)

MARCVS AELIVS AVRELIVS VERVS, born Marcus Annius Verus in 121 at Rome to Domitia Lucilla and Annius Verus, had his name changed when he was adopted by his uncle Antoninus Pius in 138. He married Faustina Jr. in 145, and became Augustus after Pius died on March 7, 161. He then made Lucius Verus his co-ruler. Aurelius' reign was one of constant warfare, most of which he personally directed after 167 (Verus died in 169). He had nearly achieved total victory along the Danube when he died at Vienna on March 17, 180 after a brief illness. He was deified and buried in Hadrian's Tomb. (From MONETA, from

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