1 Greschl 1764

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General Description Transilvanian coins issued during the third mintage period, during the reign of the Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa.The coin was special issued for Transilvania.
Obv. Description The value of ein greschl is minted plus the year when it appeard.
Rev. Description The Transilvanian coat of arms appear, formed of seven castels, Siebenburgen in German, the medieval coat of arms.
Catalog code KM# 643
Diameter 22.00 mm
Thickness 3.00 mm
Weight 7.0000 g
Material Copper
Orientation Coin
Mint Transylvania - Nagybanya/Baia Mare (NB)
Edge Type decorated
Catalog prices
*what it means?
F $4.00   VF $9.00   XF $20.00   UNC $65.00  


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