Jerusalem march 1972 (צעדת ירושלים‎)

Jerusalem march 1972 (צעדת ירושלים‎) Jerusalem march 1972 (צעדת ירושלים‎)
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General Description : The march has grown with each successive year since it was established in April, 1955 as a four-day march to Jerusalem for 200 IDF soldiers, joined by 70 civilians. In 1957, the Jerusalem March was turned into a popular event attended by about 5,000 marching soldiers and civilians and by 1966 there were 15,000 marchers.
The most important parade took place in Jerusalem on 1968 after the Six Days War 1967 and the reunite of Israel capital also in 1968, then-IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Mordechai “Motta” Gur reduced the march to three days.
According to Wikipedia (entry in Hebrew), the heavy autumn rains of 1972 dispersed the march soon after it began and, due to budgetary considerations, there was no 1973 march. It was, however decided, that the next march would take place in the fall during Sukkot, rather than the Passover season.
In 1974, the march was re-instituted though reduced to one day only during which the marchers would enter Jerusalem, instead of traversing half the country. In addition, a new format introduced: separate trails of varying degrees of difficulty, making it easier for walkers and hikers of all levels to participate.
Front Description : Top line: parade/march etc
2nd line is 1972 in Hebrew letters
bottom line: Israel Defense Force
The logo is a Star of David and the picture in it is Migdal David (The Tower of David).
Height 49.00 mm
Width 51.00 mm
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