Order Of The Rising Sun, 8th Class

Order Of The Rising Sun, 8th Class Order Of The Rising Sun, 8th Class
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General Description : The Order of the Rising Sun is a Japanese order, established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji of Japan. The Order was the first national decoration awarded by the Japanese Government, created on 10 April 1875 by decree of the Council of State. The badge features rays of sunlight from the rising sun. The design of the Rising Sun symbolizes energy as powerful as the rising sun in parallel with the "rising sun" concept of Japan ("Land of the Rising Sun").
The Order of the Rising Sun was awarded to military and civilian personnel for general merit. This award was given extensively to Japanese and foreign individuals. The award comes in eight different classes, or six classes and two decorations. Awards are made according to class, from the 8th class for Privates to the 1st class for Generals.
Civilian awarded: 1,000,000 Military awarded: 3,000,000
A large number of copies have been produced over time in Europe for the purpose of replacing missing awards or for the earlier collector trade. Most of these copies have mistakes in manufacturing that make them recognizable as such. Some of the common mistakes include the incorrect attachment of the Pawlonia, incorrect design of the Pawlonia.
The 8th decoration of the black Pawlonia is constructed entirely in polished silver without enamel.
Material Bronze
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