1000 years of Satu Mare

1000 years of Satu Mare 1000 years of Satu Mare
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General Description : Satu Mare is situated in Satu Mare County, in northwest Romania, on the Someș River, 13 kilometres from the border with Hungary and 27 kilometres from the border with Ukraine. The city is located at an altitude of 126 metres on the Lower Someș alluvial plain, spreading out from the Administrative Palace at 25 October Square.
From a geomorphologic point of view, the city is located on the Someș Meadow on both sides of the river, which narrows in the vicinity of the city and widens upstream and downstream from it; flooded during heavy rainfall, the field has various geographical configurations at the edge of the city (sand banks, valleys, micro-depressions).
Archaeological evidence from Țara Oașului, Ardud, Medieșu Aurit, Homoroade, etc. clearly shows settlements in the area dating to the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. There is also evidence that the local Dacian population remained there after the Roman conquest in 101/106 AD. Later, these lands formed part of Menumorut's holdings; one of the important defensive fortresses dating to the 10th century was at Satu Mare (Castrum Zotmar) also mentioned in the Gesta Hungarorum. Soon after Stephen I of Hungary created the Kingdom of Hungary in the year 1000, Teutonic (German) colonists were settled in at the periphery of city (Villa Zotmar) who were brought in by Stephen I's wife, the Bavarian princess Gisela of Hungary. Later, they were joined by more German colonists from beyond the Someș River, in Mintiu.
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