Rodna Mountains National Park

Rodna Mountains National Park Rodna Mountains National Park
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General Description : Rodna Mountains (Romanian: Munţii Rodnei, Hungarian: Radnai-havasok) are a subdivision of the Eastern Carpathians in Northern Romania. The name comes from the nearby Rodna Veche village.
There are a few resorts at the base of the mountain, notably Borşa ski resort, with a few hotels and many privately-run guesthouses, and also the new "Valea Blaznei" resort, completed in 2007, near the village Sant. It contains two notable places to check in, "Cabana Vio" at 1,100 m (6 km of village Sant), and a bit higher, "Cabana Diana" at 1,240 m which is a mountain refuge actually. Up on the ridge there is no accommodation whatsoever, so tourists should bring tents.
The entire Rodna Mountain is included in the Rodna National Park and Biosphere Reserve. This is a 567 km² reservation in Eastern Carpathians with brown bears, lynx, gray wolves, black capercaillies and eagles.
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