Order of Michael the Brave - 2nd class

Order of Michael the Brave - 2nd class Order of Michael the Brave - 2nd class
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Front Description : The Order of Michael the Brave (Romanian: Ordinul Mihai Viteazul) is Romania's highest military decoration, instituted by King Ferdinand I during the early stages of the Romanian Campaign of World War I, and was again awarded in World War II. The Order, which may be bestowed as an individual medal or as a unit award, was named in honor of Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul), a late 16th century Prince of Wallachia, of Transylvania and of Moldavia.
Date Instituted: September 26, 1916, awarded in time of war (only).
Awarded to officers only for exceptional deeds on the battlefield. It is the highest ranking Romanian military order. Awarded WWI, 2nd class: 12
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They ordered a total of 500 pieces, accompanied by certificates of authenticity.
During the Second World War were awarded grade II: 76 (of which 13 were granted to military units)
Height 88.00 mm
Width 60.00 mm
Material Bronze
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