Peleş Commemorative Medal

Peleş Commemorative Medal Peleş Commemorative Medal
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General Description : Circular gilt bronze medal with laterally pierced loop for ribbon suspension.
The medal was instituted on 16 August 1933 on the occasion of the festivities to mark the 50th anniversary of the Royal Castle at Peleş and was awarded to members of the Army High Command, the Sinaia garrison and to holders of the Order of Michael the Brave, 1st Class and the Medal of Military Virtue, 1st Class. The site for Peleş Castle was bought by the future King Carol I on 22 August 1875, the date of the foundation of the independent principality of Romania. The castle was completed in 1883 to serve as the Royal summer residence, its mountainous location giving relief from the heat of Bucharest. The castle was seized by the Communist regime in 1948 but in 2006 the Romanian government announced that the castle would be returned to King Mihai (Michael). The Romanian state subsequently bought the estate and the castle now houses the Peleş National Museum. The medal was designed by Ion Jélea, 1887-1983). The award of the medal was very limited and, as a result of this and a Soviet invasion and nearly half a century of Communist rule thereafter, it is rare.
Green ribbed ribbon that had silver edge stripes with black center stripes
600 medals were awarded.
Front Description : the face with the heads (left to right) of Kings Carol I, Ferdinand and Carol II circumscribed ’50 DE ANI DE LA ÎNTEMEIEREA CASTELULUI PELEŞ LA SINAIA’ (50 years since the founding of Peleş castle at Sinaia’ above the Romanian crown with the dates ‘1883’ and ‘1933’ to either side.
Back Description : patriotic poem written by the Romanian poet Vasile Alecsandri:
‘EU CAROL ŞI AL MEU POPOR ZIDIT-AM ÎNTR-UN GÎND ŞI DOR ÎN TIMP DE LUPTE AL MEU REGAT ÎN TIMP DE PACE AL MEU PALAT’ (I, Carol, myself, and my people have built together, having one intention and love, my kingdom in times of war, my castle in times of peace).
Diameter 31.00 mm
Material Bronze
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