Victory Medal

Victory Medal Victory Medal
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General Description : Romanian Victory Medal was instituted on July 20, 1921 to commemorate the victory of the Allied Forces over the Central Powers. It was awarded to all those who were on active service between August 28, 1916 and March 31, 1921. The uncommon latter referred to military personnel involved in Budapest occupation after the Communist uprising in Hungary and annexation of Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia. Though no minimum period of service was required, the medal was issued for combatants and those supporting them.
The 39mm wide ribbon has two rainbows design with the violet stripe from each rainbow on the outside edges moving through to a central red stripe where both rainbows meet.
Approximately 300,000 medals were awarded.
Front Description : A winged figure of Victory with a sword pointing downwards in her right hand and a palm branch pointing upwards in her left hand.
Back Description : The reverse has inscription “The Great War for Civilization” (“Marele război pentru civilizaţie”) imposed on an upright two-edged axe within a laurel wreath and encircled by a chain that carries names of the Allied states.
Diameter 36.00 mm
Material Bronze
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