Turkish Armed Forces Medal of Honor

Turkish Armed Forces Medal of Honor Turkish Armed Forces Medal of Honor
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General Description : Turkish Armed Forces Medal of Honor is the highest medal that can be bestowed upon an individual by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and was first created on July 27, 1967.
Five large and five small gold stars on dark blue background circling an insignia of a crescent moon and a star on red background, the symbol of the Turkish flag, pointing upwards.
During war time, it is bestowed on individuals who, even though having prepared the conditions of, or having contributed to, success in battle thanks to their actions and behaviour, but whose valor might not be compensated simply by the State War Medal.
During peace time, it is bestowed upon the Commanders of the Turkish Army, the Turkish Navy, the Turkish Air Force and the Turkish Gendarmerie who have successfully completed at least a year in their posts.
The medal can be given to civilians or soldiers, regardless of nationality. Its bestowment is proposed and approved by any of the four Commanders mentioned above.
Diameter 60.00 mm
Weight 54.00 g
Material Bronze
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