Defence of Odessa

Defence of Odessa Defence of Odessa
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General Description : Created on 22 December 1942 awarded 38,000
Awarded to all Soviet military and civilians who participated in the defence of Odessa between 10 August and 16 October 1941.
The Siege of Odessa was part of the Eastern Front area of operations in 1941, it was primarily conducted by Romanian forces and elements of the German Army's (Wehrmacht Heer) 11th Army (11. Armee). Due to the heavy resistance of the 9th Independent Army (initially) and the rapidly formed Separate Coastal Army, which was formed from the Coastal Group of the 9th Army[2], and the Black Sea Fleet forces in Odessa, it took the Romanian army 73 days of siege and four attempts to take the city, during which they suffered 93,000 casualties.
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