Liberation of Budapest

Liberation of Budapest Liberation of Budapest
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General Description : Created on 9 June 1945, awarded 362,050
Awarded to Soviet service personnel who took part in the capture of Budapest between 20 December 1944 and 15 February 1945.
The Siege of Budapest centered on the Hungarian capital city of Budapest. It was fought towards the end of World War II in Europe, during the Soviet Budapest Offensive. The siege started when Budapest, defended by Hungarian and German troops, was first encircled on 29 December 1944 by the Red Army and the Romanian Army. The siege ended when the city unconditionally surrendered on 13 February 1945. The besieging Soviet forces were part of Rodion Malinovsky's 2nd Ukrainian Front.
Front Description : Cyrillic inscription with a star above & a wreath with the hammer & sickle suprimposed below.
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