The Order of Lenin

The Order of Lenin The Order of Lenin
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General Description : Issued from April 6, 1930 to December 21, 1991
The Order of Lenin, named after the leader of the Russian October Revolution, was the highest decoration bestowed by the Soviet Union. The order was awarded
. to civilians for outstanding services rendered to the State,
. to members of the armed forces for exemplary service,
. to those who promoted friendship and cooperation between peoples and in strengthening peace, and
. for other meritorious services to the Soviet state and society
From 1930-1934 made of silver, 1934-1936 made of gold and from 1936-1991 made of platinum.
Front Description : Featuring an enamelled disc bearing Lenin's portrait . The disc is surrounded by two golden panicles of wheat, and a red flag with "LENIN" in Cyrillic script (ЛЕНИН). A red star is placed on the left and the "hammer and sickle" emblem at the bottom, both in red enamel.
Back Description : Issue number 104,423 out of a total of 462,184 awarded,including multiple awards to some recipients.
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