Medal For Courage 1943 1991

Medal For Courage 1943 1991 Medal For Courage 1943 1991
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General Description : Created 17 October 1938 - 4,569,893 awarded
The Medal for Courage or Medal for Valour (Russian: Медаль «За отвагу») is a state decoration of the Russian Federation that was retained from the Soviet awards system following the dissolution of the USSR.
The first three Medals for Courage were awarded only three days later to three border guards for acts of bravery during the Battle of Lake Khasan.
The Medal for Courage was created by the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on October 17, 1938. It was awarded to soldiers of the Soviet Army, Navy, border and internal troops and other citizens of the USSR, as well as to persons who are not citizens of the USSR, for personal courage and bravery displayed in battles against the enemies of the socialist fatherland, while protecting the state border of the USSR, during the performance of military duties in circumstances involving a risk to life.
The Medal for Courage is a 34mm in diameter circular silver medal with a raised rim on both the obverse and reverse.
The medal is secured to a standard Russian pentagonal mount by a ring through the medal suspension loop. The mount is covered in a silk moiré 24mm wide grey ribbon with a blue 2mm edge stripe on each side. The original Soviet award (1938 to 1943) hung from a small square mount covered with a red ribbon.
Front Description : On the obverse, in the upper part are three aircraft flying from right to left. Below the aircraft is the impressed and red enamelled inscription in two lines "FOR COURAGE" (Russian: «ЗА ОТВАГУ») and below the inscription is a (T-35) tank with its forward left corner closest to the front. The Soviet variant had the additional impressed and red enamelled inscription "USSR" (Russian «CCCP») below the tank just above and following the curvature of the medal's obverse lower rim, the current medal has no such inscription.
Back Description : The medal's reverse is plain except for an embossed letter "N" followed by an horizontal line in the lower half reserved for the award serial number, and a maker's mark below it.
Diameter 37.00 mm
Material Silver
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