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General Description AIESEE: Association Internationale d'Etudes du Sud-Est Europeen
In 1962 the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO had the initiative of organizing at Sinaia (Romania) an international colloquium dealing with “the Balkan and South-East European Civilizations”. Its debates resulted into a task meant to concentrate interest and efforts: that one of giving full value, with no prejudice, to an historical and spiritual patrimony of a remarkable unity and ancient tradition.
It was this way that an year later, on April 23rd 1963, the International Association of South-East European Studies (AIESEE) came to be founded in Bucharest, enjoying, since its very beginning, the moral and financial support granted by UNESCO.
Housing its General Secretariat in Bucharest, the Romanian State assumed from the beginning the charge to assist financially the activity of this one.
Conceived as an international non-governmental organism, supported all along its activity by UNESCO, AIESEE aims at promoting the study on the civilizations spread over the Balkan and South-East European spaces, on their relationship with the other civilizations of Europe or of the rest of the world, on their share to the world’s cultural patrimony, turning thus this study into a means for reaching peace and friendship, rising above the variety of ideologies and political regimes.
The official language of the association is French, but as communication language English is also accepted. At the time of scientific meetings are accepted other international languages.
The congress took place in:
1.Sofia 1966 - 2.Athènes 1970 - 3.Bucarest 1974 - 4.Ankara.1979 - 5.Belgrade 1984 - 6.Sofia 1989 - 7.Thessalonique 1994 - 8. Bucarest 1999 - 9.Tirana 2004
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