Cobi carries the Barcelona Summer Olympics flag 1992

Cobi carries the Barcelona Summer Olympics flag 1992
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General Description Cobi was the official mascot of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. He is a Catalan Sheepdog in Cubist style inspired by the interpretations of Picasso of a masterpiece from Velázquez, Las Meninas. Cobi was designed by Javier Mariscal (1950-). The mascot was unveiled to the public in 1987. His name was derived from the Barcelona Olympic Organising Committee (COOB).
Before and during the Games, Cobi was shown in a variety of advertisements for Olympic sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Brother Industries and Danone. He even had his own TV series, The Cobi Troupe. He also appeared on an extensive range of souvenirs, dubbed Cobiana, which proved to be a lucrative source of income. During the Games an inflatable Cobi was tethered to the Barcelona waterfront.
Material Metal
Manufacturing technique Soft Enamel
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