Andorra - Engolasters Lake

Andorra - Engolasters Lake
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General Description Engolasters Lake, in the Encamp parish of Andorra, is an oblong shaped lake at an elevation of 1,616 m, formed in a glacial depression. It is located close to Andorra La Vella, the capital of Andorra.
The lake water is deep blue and is drained by a drainage basin formed by the Pyrenees mountain ranges, which are snow covered. The valley formed by the rivers draining the catchment provides an enchanting view with green meadows and rich forest of pine trees nearer to the lake periphery. The water source to the lake is from the East Valira and Madriu rivers. The stored water in the reservoir is utilized for generating hydroelectric power at the power station located near Encamp village. There is a cable car rope way from Encamp to the lake area, which is a 6.2 kilometres line.
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