Rouen - Palais de Justice - Parlement de Normandie (1919)

Rouen - Palais de Justice - Parlement de Normandie (1919)
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General Description The Parliament of Normandy (parlement de Normandie), also known as the Parliament of Rouen (parlement de Rouen) after the place where it sat (the provincial capital of Normandy), was a provincial parlement of the Kingdom of France. It replaced the ancient court of the exchequer of Normandy, set up by Rollo, first duke of Normandy.

The parlement was built in a mixing of the French Flamboyant style and Renaissance architecture by Roger Ango and Roulland le Roux, between 1499 and 1508, during the reign of the king Louis XII of France. Today, the building is the seat of the courthouse of the city of Rouen.
Height 90.00 mm
Width 140.00 mm
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