Vanoise National Park (Parc National de la Vanoise) (1978)

Vanoise National Park (Parc National de la Vanoise) (1978)
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General Description Vanoise National Park (French: Parc national de la Vanoise), is a French national park between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys in the French Alps, created in 1963. It was the first French national park. This park is in the département of Savoie. Little villages like Champagny-le-Haut, Termignon, La Chiserette, Bramans, Sollières-Sardières, Friburge and Séez are near this park.
The park is bordered by several large French ski resorts (Les Trois Vallées, Tignes, Val-d'Isère, Les Arcs, La Plagne). On the Italian side of the border, the park is continued by the Gran Paradiso National Park. Together, these two parks cover over 1250 km² making the largest alpine national park.
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