Lindenberg in Allgäu (1960)

Lindenberg in Allgäu (1960)
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General Description Lindenberg im Allgäu is the second largest town of the district of Lindau in Bavaria, Germany. It is an acknowledged air health resort.
The town was first mentioned in 857, when two nobles donated in "Lintiberc" to the monastery of St. Gall.
In 1570, the Austrian branch of the House of Habsburg acquired the demesne of the heirless sovereignty of Altenburg, including Lindenberg, back then a consolidation of about 70 farms.
The city fell to Bavaria in 1805 as part of Napoleon's Treaty of Pressburg
As early as 1656 straw hats from Lindenberg were sold by peddling and in markets. In 1755, the production and shipping of straw hats became organized. The hat industry has declined in recent decades and now has hardly any economic importance. Hat making is still remembered today in an annual "Huttag" ("hat day") as well as in a hat museum.
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