Humuleşti - Ion Creanga Memorial House

Humuleşti - Ion Creanga Memorial House
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General Description Ion Creanga was the greatest storyteller that ever lived in Romania. His stories are the fantasies of our childhood: we dream of the withe horse and to the prince that conquers all difficulties. We think about the man that is so tall it can reach the moon or the man that is so cold it can freeze everything around him just by sneezing. The house were Nica (nick name of Ion Creanga when he was a small boy), the son of Stefan a Petrei was born was built in 1830 by Petre Ciubotariu – the grandfather of the storyteller. Up until 1951 the house remained a heritage of the family: something passed from a generation to another. Zahei Grigoriu was the one that donated the house to become a museum.
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