Stockholm - Strandvägen - GRAKO 130.428

Stockholm - Strandvägen - GRAKO 130.428 Stockholm - Strandvägen - GRAKO 130.428
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General Description Strandvägen is a boulevard created that was created in the second half of the nineteenth century in Stockholm's Östermalm district. The boulevard, which looks out over the water, is lined with grand, almost palatial buildings that were designed by some of the top architects of the day.
In the mid-nineteenth century Strandvägen was known as Ladugårds Strandgata (Barn beach street). It was an unappealing, muddy street with dilapidated houses built along an old wooden quay. When the Nibrokajen, the quay on the east side of the street was in need of repair, the suggestion was made to build a new, wide and modern quay all the way to the Djurgården Bridge.
This plan revived an old idea to turn the Ladugårds Strandgata into a prestigious boulevard, Strandvägen. In 1861, after long discussions, the king approves the creation of Strandvägen. The goal was to create a street 'unparalleled in Europe', and have it completed before the inauguration of the Arts and Craft Exhibition of 1897, held in Djurgården.
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