Stockholm - The Orpheus Group (fountain) - GRAKO 130.140

Stockholm - The Orpheus Group (fountain) - GRAKO 130.140 Stockholm - The Orpheus Group (fountain) - GRAKO 130.140
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General Description The Orpheus Group by Carl Milles. A fountain in front of the Concert Hall at Hötorget in central Stockholm.
The statue shows how Orpheus is going to Hades,the land of the dead for to pleading for his wife Eurydice.
Orpheus is in the middle and he is surrounded by 8 male and female figures.
One of the male figures has got the facial features of Beethoven. Beethoven was for C. Milles a symbol of a great, suffering artistic genius.
Orpheus is in Greek Mythology the greatest of all musicians. He was often playing on his lyre. The stories about him are centered on his ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music, and how he tries to bring back Eurodyce from the land of dead.
Carl Milles , (23 June 1875 – 19 September 1955) was born in Lagga. Carl Milles was a Swedish sculptor. He was married to artist Olga Milles and brother to Ruth Milles and half brother to the architect Evert Milles. Carl Milles sculpted the Poseidon statue in Gothenburg, the Gustaf Vasa statue at the Nordiska museet, the Orfeus group outside the Stockholm Concert Hall and the Folke Filbyter sculpture in Linköping. The latter was featured on a stamp issued in 1975, commemorating the fact that he would have turned a hundred years old that year. Millesgården became his last home and is now a museum.
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