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General Description Schwendibach is first mentioned in 1388 as Swendibach.
The area was gradually settled as small farms cleared the land during the Late Middle Ages. The land was originally owned by the Count of Kyburg. After the defeat of the Austrian backed Kyburgs in the Burgdorferkrieg, in 1384 the Kyburg lands were acquired by the city of Bern. Throughout its history it formed a chapelry with Goldiwil (now a village in Thun) in the parish of Thun. Traditionally the residents farmed, raised dairy cattle, produced cheese or cut timber. Today about two-thirds of the residents commute to jobs in nearby cities, while the remainder generally work on small farms. By 2004 the community no longer had a school. The kindergarten moved to Buchen and the primary school went to Homberg. After 2004 the municipal administration moved into the empty school house.
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