10 Heller 1908 - Emperor Franz Joseph (1848-1916)

10 Heller 1908 - Emperor Franz Joseph (1848-1916)
Added by Iordache Gabriel
General Description : 1908 PRINTING (Mi:AT 144v):
The 1908 printing on chalk coated paper is generally much sharper and clearer. The words “FRANCISCUS JOSEPHUS I” beside the portrait appear to be written in white letters and are clear. The ink did not absorb into the shiny coated paper. Therefore if you view the stamp under magnification the colour in the inked sections is a bit uneven (as if in blobs), and a lighter coloured fine boarder line is visible around each inked section.
Face value 10 Austro-Hungarian heller
Catalog code (Michel) AT 144v
Catalog code Stamp Number AT 115b; Yvert et Tellier AT 106; Stanley Gibbons AT 194A; AFA number AT 126; ANK AT 144; Unificato AT 106
Series Jubileu - Austria 1908
Place in series 13
Stamp colour Pink carmine
Watermark No Watermark
Stamp use Definitive stamp
Print run 2.171.447.000
Issue date 01/01/1908
Designer Ferdinand Schirnböck (E) | Koloman Moser
Paper type Stamp, chalk coated
Print technique Typography
Perforation comb 12½
Height 30.00 mm
Width 25.50 mm
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet

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