"2" 2012 - My Stamp - selfadhesive

"2" 2012 - My Stamp - selfadhesive
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : Selfadhesive. The stamp is printed on order with an adherent personalised tab. The picture on the tab can thus differ. The picture shown here is only an example.
The selfadhesive stamps look very similar to the non-adhesive because they have the same perforation-size and the selfadhesive ones are also stuck together. You have also to pull them apart.
Face value 2 Inland ยบ - No Face Value
Catalog code (Michel) BE 4273
Catalog code Yvert et Tellier BE 4206; Stanley Gibbons BE 4429; AFA number BE 4293E; Belgium BE 4227
Series Timbrele mele - Belgia 2012
Place in series 6
Stamp colour Multicolor
Stamp use Definitive stamp
Issue date 12/03/2012
Designer Myriam Voz / Thierry Martin - MVTM
Paper type Stamp, Self-Adhesive
Print technique Laserprint
Perforation comb 11 1/2
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet

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