35 Centimes 1915 - Cloth Hall of Ypres

35 Centimes 1915 - Cloth Hall of Ypres
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : The Cloth Hall (Dutch: Lakenhal or Lakenhalle), of Ypres, Belgium, was one of the largest commercial buildings of the Middle Ages, when it served as the main market and warehouse for the Flemish city's prosperous cloth industry. The original structure, erected mainly in the 13th century and completed 1304, lay in ruins after artillery fire devastated Ypres in World War I. Between 1933 and 1967, the hall was meticulously reconstructed to its prewar condition, under the guidance of architects J. Coomans and P.A. Pauwels. At 125 metres in breadth, with a 70-metre-high belfry tower, the Cloth Hall recalls the importance and wealth of the medieval trade city.
The Cloth Hall used to be accessible by boat via the Ieperlee waterway, which is now covered. The spacious ground-floor halls where wool and cloth were once sold are now used for exhibitions; the second floor, formerly a warehouse, now hosts the In Flanders Fields Museum, dedicated to the history of World War I.
Face value 35 Centimes
Catalog code (Michel) BE 121A
Catalog code (Scott) BE 116
Catalog code Yvert et Tellier BE 142 Stanley Gibbons BE 188 AFA number BE 121I Belgium BE 142 Unificato BE 142
Stamp colour black / red brown
Stamp use Definitive stamp
Issue date 15/10/1915
Print technique recess
Printed by Waterlow and Sons, London
Perforation 14
Height 26.00 mm
Width 32.00 mm
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