17 Francs / 0.42 Euro 1999 - Buck Danny

17 Francs / 0.42 Euro 1999 - Buck Danny
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : Buck Danny is a Franco-Belgian comics series about a military flying ace and his two sidekicks serving (depending on the plots) in the United States Navy or the United States Air Force. The series is noted for its realism both in the drawings and the descriptions of air force procedures as part of the storyline. In particular the aircraft depicted are extremely accurate. Mixing historical references with fiction, Buck Danny is one of the most important 'classic' Franco-Belgian comic strips. Starting in 1947, the first albums were set against the backdrop of World War II, but from 1954 onwards, the series started to play in 'the present' and has so ever since. Like this, the series reads as a chronology of military aviation as well as the events that were catching people's imagination at the time of publishing, ranging from the Korean war, the cold war, UFO's international terrorism and drug running, the space race, rogue atomic bombs, the collapse of the Soviet bloc and recently the conflicts in Sarajevo and Afghanistan.
Material Gold
Face value 17 Francs / 0.42 Euro
Catalog code Belgian Stamps Catalog BE-2847
Print run 1.211.060
Issue date 02/10/1999
Perforation 11 1/2
Height 38.15 mm
Width 48.75 mm
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