10 + 5 Centimes 1944 - Bayard

10 + 5 Centimes 1944 - Bayard
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : Bayard (French: Bayard; Italian: Baiardo; Dutch: (Ros) Beiaard) is a magic bay horse in the legends derived from the chansons de geste, renowned for his spirit, and possessed the supernatural ability to adjust his size to his riders.

Bayard first appears as the property of Renaud de Montauban (Italian: Rinaldo) in the Old French twelfth century chanson de geste Quatre Fils Aymon. The horse was capable of carrying Rinaldo and his three brothers ("the four sons of Aymon") all at the same time and of understanding human speech. Near the end of the work, Renaud is forced to cede Bayard to Charlemagne who, as punishment for the horse's exploits, has a large stone tied to Bayard's neck and the horse pushed into the river; Bayard however smashes the stone with his hooves and escapes to live forever more in the woods.
Material Gold
Face value 10 + 5 Centimes
Catalog code (Michel) 673
Catalog code Belgian Stamps Catalog BE-653
Print run 2.426.715
Issue date 25/06/1944
Perforation 11 1/2
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