75 + 25 Centimes 1934 - Peter Benoit

75 + 25 Centimes 1934 - Peter Benoit
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General Description : Petrus Leonardus Leopoldus "Peter" Benoit (August 17, 1834, Harelbeke Flanders – March 8, 1901), was a Flemish composer.
Benoit's most important compositions include the Flemish oratorios De Schelde (The river Scheldt) and Lucifer (which met complete failure when it staged in London in 1888), the operas Het Dorp in 't Gebergte (The village in the mountains) and Isa, and the Drama Christi, a huge body of songs, choruses, small cantatas and motets. Benoit also wrote a great number of essays on musical matters.
Face value 75 + 25 Centimes
Catalog code (Michel) BE 377
Catalog code Stamp Number BE B151 Yvert et Tellier BE 385 Stanley Gibbons BE 658 AFA number BE 376 Belgium BE 385 Unificato BE 385
Stamp colour bistre brown
Stamp use Semi Postal stamp
Print run 298.136
Issue date 01/06/1934
Print technique photogravure
Perforation 13 1/2 x 14
Height 34.00 mm
Width 25.00 mm
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet

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