100 Dinar Vinkovci 1992

100 Dinar Vinkovci 1992
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General Description : Serie: 46, Type: R, Stamps in serie: 7
Motif: The building of the ex Town Hall of Vinkovci. Situated in an area with the continuous settlements since the Neolithic, favoured by the important road routes, the town of Vinkovci lies in the loess district on the left bank of the Bosut River. The site of the settlement was ideal for assuming control over the eastern part of the fertile Slavonian plain. In the earliest prehistoric findings there is an evident presence of different cultures, f. i. the culture of Starčevo, of Slavonia and Srijem, of Baden and Vučedol. Under the Romans it soon became a thriving city under the name of Cibalae. It was made a stronghold, rectangular military post, strategic road junction. From Middle Ages there is the foundation of the church which go back to the 11th century. The new settlement of Saint Elia develops near the site of the antique locality in the 13th century. The ancient Roman name sank into oblivion. Located on the border of the Ottoman Empire, the new settlement survived more than 150 years of Ottoman rule, and its parish church, too. The name of Vinkovci is mentioned in 1697. After the liberation of Ottoman rule (1699) Vinkovci was made the administrative centre of the Military Frontier housing the Frontier regiment and the headquarters. The urban nucleus (rectangulary shaped) dates from that time. The modern prosperity begins at the end of the 19th century supported once more by the favorable location as a road junction after the railroad was built. Vinkovci has a small but modern integrated industry (tannin, food processing, textiles manufacturing, building industries). During Serbian aggression to Croatia in 1991/92 Vinkovci was destroyed and laid in ruins the same as neighbouring Vukovar, but the inhabitants managed to stop any further advance of Serbian-Chetnik bands to the West. The stamp was printed in sheets of 50 pieces each. HPT put on sale the commemorative envelope (FDC) of the first day of issue and a commemorative sheet as well.
Face value 100 HRD
Catalog code (Michel) HR 219
Catalog code (Scott) HR 113
Catalog code Yvert et Tellier HR 179 Stanley Gibbons HR 208 AFA number HR 228 Croatian post Inc. HR 46
Series Croatian towns
Stamp colour multicolor
Stamp use Definitive stamp
Print run 4,000,000
Issue date 14/12/1992
Designer Ivica Šiško
Paper type white 90g, gummed
Print technique Multicoloured Offsetprint
Printed by Zrinski - Čakovec
Perforation 14, comb
Height 29.00 mm
Width 35.50 mm
Catalog prices Unused stamp $0.45