2 1/2 Penny KGVI Olympic Games

2 1/2 Penny KGVI Olympic Games
Added by Steve
Face value 2 1/2 Penny
Catalog code (Michel) GB 237
Catalog code (Scott) GB 271
Catalog code Yvert et Tellier GB 241 Stanley Gibbons GB 495 AFA number GB 231 Unificato GB 241
Series 1948 Olympic Games Wembly London
Place in series 1
Stamp colour Bright Ultra
Watermark Crown and GviR Multiple
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 155.350.000
Issue date 29/07/1948
Designer Percy Metcalfe
Print technique photogravure
Printed by Harrison & Sons Ltd.
Perforation 14
Height 24.00 mm
Width 41.00 mm
Catalog prices Used stamp $0.20   Unused stamp $0.35  

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