1/2 Penny - Queen Elizabeth II - Decimal Machin

1/2 Penny - Queen Elizabeth II - Decimal Machin
Added by Iordache Gabriel
General Description : Headtype IIIa (One curved line in the hair below the Diadem next to the front curl; graduated background; flat base of the bust; regular necklace pearls, pointed front of the bust)
White or bluish illumination under the UV lamp.
Value type: I (Thin value and P)
Basic position of ½: 1.70 mm from the left edge; 2.45 mm from the bottom edge.
Only issued in coil and booklet.
Queen Elizabeth II - Decimal Machin - Normal Perfs
Face value ½ p - British penny
Catalog code (Michel) GB 561.14.1
Catalog code Yvert et Tellier GB 605b; Stanley Gibbons GB X843; Unificato GB 605f
Series Regina Elisabeta a II-a - Decimal Machin - Perforatii normale - Marea Britanie 1977
Stamp colour Turquoise blue
Stamp use Definitive stamp
Issue date 14/12/1977
Designer Arnold Machin
Paper type Stamp, Gum: PVAD (Polyvinyl Alcohol with Dextrin added), Paper: coated, fluorescent (FCP), one central phosphor stripe
Print technique Photogravure
Printed by Harrison & Sons Ltd.
Perforation comb 14¾ x 14¼
Height 24.00 mm
Width 21.00 mm
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