Stamps Catalog - Republic of South Maluku

The Republic of South Maluku (Indonesian: Republik Maluku Selatan, (RMS) Dutch: Republiek der Zuid-Molukken), also known as the Republic of the South Moluccas, was a self-proclaimed republic in the Maluku Islands founded on 25 April 1950. The main islands were Seram, Ambon, and Buru.[citation needed] The RMS on Ambon was defeated by Indonesian forces in November 1950, however, armed struggle continued on the island of Seram until December 1963. The defeat on Ambon resulted in the flight of the self-declared RMS government to the island Seram, and later on the formation of a government in exile in the Netherlands in 1966. When resistance leader Dr. Chris Soumokil was captured by Indonesian forces on Seram and executed in 1966, a president in exile was inaugurated. The government-in-exile continues to exist, with John Wattilete, a 55-year old lawyer, inaugurated as head of state in April 2010.


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