5 Parale 1865 - Alexandru Ioan Cuza

5 Parale 1865 - Alexandru Ioan Cuza
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General Description : The first stamps inscribed "POSTA ROMANA" were issued in January 1865; the three values depicted Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in profile, facing right.
Alexandru Ioan Cuza or Alexandru Ioan I, also anglicised as Alexander John Cuza; 20 March 1820 – 15 May 1873) was Prince of Moldavia, Prince of Wallachia, and later Domnitor (ruler) of the Romanian Principalities. He was a prominent figure of the Revolution of 1848 in Moldavia. He initiated a series of reforms that contributed to the modernization of Romanian society and of state structures.
These did not last long in use, as Cuza was deposed the following year, and new stamps depicted Prince Carol I, also in profile, but facing left, and in a style very similar to contemporary French stamps. The adoption of the leu in 1867 required stamps in new denominations, which appeared in 1868.
Face value 5 parale
Catalog code (Michel) RO 12
Catalog code (Scott) Romania Scott 23
Catalog code Rom - RO16
Series Alexandru Ioan Cuza
Place in series 2
Stamp colour blue
Stamp use Definitive stamp
Print run 400218
Paper type Stamp
Print technique Lithography
Perforation Imperforate
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet

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