0.50 Lei - Basarabia, Hotin

0.50 Lei - Basarabia, Hotin
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General Description : The stamps were issued for the benefit of the restoration of the monasteries.
The painted monasteries of Southern Bucovina unite more than anything else in Romania the culture, history, religion and architecture in a rare harmony with the surroundings. These monasteries with their original paintings, sculptures and other ornaments give a picture of the Romanian people's religious and historical outlook on the world, as it appeared through five centuries of battles for national and religious freedom against the Turkish power. These monasteries were orthodox bastions, hidden away behind walls in remote valleys and deep forests - and they still exist today like a bead of pearls.
Face value 0.50 Romanian leu
Catalog code (Michel) RO 719
Catalog code (Scott) 521
Catalog code Rom:RO 144b
Series Monumente istorice - Romania 1941
Place in series 2
Stamp colour Carmin inchis maro
Watermark Wm. 7 Crown & monogram King Carl I (multiple)
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Paper type Stamp
Print technique Photogravure
Printed by Fabrica de Timbre
Perforation comb 13 3/4 x 13 1/4
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet